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栏目简介:Zombieville 2 just gives you more — more zombies, more weapons, more people to play as, and more to unlock as you rummage through levels collecting cash from boxes and other environmental items. The upgrade model in particular is a killer. Like a modern Call of Duty, this game has a tendency to inspire constant replays, as the next best weapon or character perk is always just a few more sessions away.Another chief complaint about the initial release of Zombieville USA 2 besides the control stick was the lack of loot drops from enemies. The times that a zombie would drop off some coins for you to collect in the release version of the game was few and far between. A much more reliable place to gather loot was in the destructible objects peppered throughout each level. This led to some people actively avoiding killing zombies in favor of running through more of each level in order to run into treasure producing objects.
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