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栏目简介:There wasn't any major news about Zscaler in June, but the momentum from the prior month carried over. Software companies performed well across the board, and cybersecurity stocks had an especially strong month. Zscaler's returns were highly correlated to peers CrowdStrike Holdings, Fortinet, and Okta.Likewise, WDAY stock seems to be seeing a lot of action in the stock market now as well. Over the past month, the company’s shares have surged by over 18%. This could be on account of its stellar second-quarter earnings figures reported on August 26. In it, Workday posted earnings per share of $1.23 on revenue of $1.26 billion. To highlight this beats Wall Streets’ estimates of $0.78 and $1.24 billion respectively. Not to mention, the company also saw its quarterly subscription revenue increase by 19.5% year-over-year, adding up to $1.11 billion.
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